Interactive Dashboard of Anime / Manga Characters Birthday Database

This is a Tableau visual or "viz" with birthdays of over 1875 anime and manga characters, grouped and accessible in many ways which I will show you below. However, I know there are still many missing. I will show you how to identify some of them so if you were interested in getting me new characters and their birthdates that I can add to the list, please leave them in the comments. Otherwise, just have lots of fun with this in some of the ways I'll describe below, among others you can find!

You can navigate within any of the windows below to access anything the set of dashboards within the viz offers. I just created one window for each dashboard to have a picture of what I'm talking about in describing each dashboard, close to the text to help with reading.


You came here for birthdays, so the ideal greeting is a list of which character's birthday it is today. I think the date mechanism is synced to the time on your browser so that someone across the date li…

Looking at Population One Demographic at a Time, Through Time

Most times, when people are looking at population breakouts, they look at gender and age groups at a given time. However, the odd time, it can be useful to look at populations of a specific demographic and see how that as changed over time. You can see jumps like baby booms, or waves of kids hitting school age, or people hitting retirement age, etc. For this, I made a couple of charts in my set of Canadian demographic dashboards.

This first one shows the basic concept just mentioned, for one set of demographics in a place. Here, it is the number of seniors (65 and over), in Nova Scotia, and how that number has grown over the years.

For purposes of comparison, I also made a page with two such plots so you can pick any two jurisdictions and/or demographics to compare.

I will eventually follow with versions where percentages each gender has of the whole will also be calculated and listed. That's interesting to know, too!

See How Canadians Have Aged Since 1971 from Visual Demographics Dashboards

My latest Tableau project involves Canadian population demographics. Statistics Canada has estimates publicly available with many age groups, both traditional genders, and all the provinces and territories, for each year from 1971 to 2016. It's a lot of data which is not only cumbersome to manage and use, but hard to visualize without a lot of work. Well, Tableau enabled me to change that so here are some of the initial offerings. I will write more as I create more interfaces with different ways to organize and/or access the data.

First up is your common scatterplot by single age years. The default view is for all of Canada, both genders. You can see the bump that is the baby boom now in their mid-50s to late 60s, hitting 70. That break in the smooth curve at 70 was 1946, after all the soldiers returned home and people started having babies again. The war ended in late 1945 so give 9 months for birth and you got the boom in 1946 that is a massive jump from 1945.

If you slide that …

Find Me an Anime or Manga Character with a Birthday on July 22nd?


My friend Lara J. came through with the answer of Nico Yazawa of Love Live! Thanks, Lara!

Now, to get to the other five days listed below.


For the first time since I created by interactive dashboard of anime and manga character birthdays, with 1915 characters now, it hits a date without a character with a birthday. :(

That means the opening dashboard to the set stating "Happy Birthday" and listing those with a birthday on the date you visit, would be empty. I'd show you except if you looked at this 359 other days of the year, it wouldn't be empty, with SIX empty dates! 1915 characters and there are SIX days during the year on which none of them celebrate a birthday!

Below, you can see the list of dates during the year for which I don't have a character with a birthday on it if you scroll to the bottom.

Interestingly enough, of the other five dates without a birthday, we also have another on the 22nd, being in April. What…

How do YOU Physically Measure Up to Canadians?

You can find average values of various populations' height, weight and such, but that doesn't give you any idea about the distribution of those measures in the population. If you were to compare yourself to them, the best you could do is to see if you were higher or lower than the average (mean, possibly median if given). You could also do the difference in your measurement to the average, but doesn't give you much of an idea what portion of the population might lie between you and that average.
The Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) measures and surveys thousands of Canadians on some physical measures and health determinants, and reports it in various percentiles of the Canadian population. That is, in addition to an average (mean), they also give you values that have 5% of the population below it, as well as 10%, 25%, 50% (median), 75%, 90% and 95% of Canadians below it, with some small margin of error. The CHMS also did it for various demographics of gender and age…

Why are so Many Anime & Manga Characters Born on March 3rd?

From my anime and manga character birthdays analytical set of dashboards, you can see March 3rd is the date that has the most characters with birthdays, at 36 birthdays. That'd make quite the birthday party, eh?

There is even a decent gap in character dates, with more characters with birthdays on March 3rd than the next most popular date, January 1st, at 28 days. January 1st is a bit of a lazy choice being the first day of the year. There may be some symbolism involved, but it can't be that much to deter from the fact it's just the first day of the year.

The birthdays of these characters were chosen by many writers over the years, and there should be some randomness to them, as you can see by the coverage of days with at least one birthday. However, what is it about March 3rd that might have inspired more birthdays for it than some other dates. These are conscious decisions creators of characters make for their birthdays. But was there something unifying their thoughts to …

100 Years of Nova Scotian Weather in an Interactive Online Viz

This is my latest Tableau "viz" as I teach myself the software. It's 100 years of weather in eight places in Nova Scotia:
HalifaxLiverpoolYarmouthGreenwoodHalifax AirportAmherstAntigonishSydney

Getting the data for this nearly killed me as it was generally pretty messy and not really aggregated! I have over 1600 files for 8 places at 100 years each! It was messy except for Sydney and Yarmouth. That was why I had them as separate "vizzes" for Sydney and Yarmouth, each with a longer time range. In doing so, I got to test out the data substitution nature of Tableau for when I need to swap data to make similar vizzes with slightly different data sets, or on a common theme but not desired to be together. The reason for that could very well be to keep things manageable as with the individual place weather vizzes, you never have to worry about the area you're looking at or selecting. You can just focus on the weather.

I did Halifax just because so many Nova Scotian…