Looking at Population One Demographic at a Time, Through Time

Most times, when people are looking at population breakouts, they look at gender and age groups at a given time. However, the odd time, it can be useful to look at populations of a specific demographic and see how that as changed over time. You can see jumps like baby booms, or waves of kids hitting school age, or people hitting retirement age, etc. For this, I made a couple of charts in my set of Canadian demographic dashboards.

This first one shows the basic concept just mentioned, for one set of demographics in a place. Here, it is the number of seniors (65 and over), in Nova Scotia, and how that number has grown over the years.

For purposes of comparison, I also made a page with two such plots so you can pick any two jurisdictions and/or demographics to compare.

I will eventually follow with versions where percentages each gender has of the whole will also be calculated and listed. That's interesting to know, too!


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